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Dark Space 8
Ash entered the shower room calling her friend. There was no response but only slurping sounds from the floor. When she looked down to check what it was, she was totally stunned into silence. There was her best Liz, naked, and she was coiled up by a something like a snake or worm.

The worm like creature stuck out its two tentacles. At the tip of tentacles there were small villi. Covering with copious slime....or saliva and due to the colour, they closely resembled tongues.

The tentacles slid between Liz's thighs and gently touched her genitalia as well as lower abdomen as if the creature was tasting Liz's gorgeous body. Then tentacles grabbed and coiled her hands. Slowly bringing her hands into its maw, the creature swallowed Liz in pusatile manner.

Shortly it swallowed to Liz's thighs. As it swallowed Liz with slurping sounds one by one, soft moan came out from Liz' mouth on which there was a trace of slime.

Never seen such a weird creature before, Ash just stood there in shock and blankly looked at it and Liz.
Liz was nothing but a delicious prey to the creature. The creature continued to smear slime on her body.


Sorry guys. The next one might be uploaded quite late.
Dark Space 7
A moment later, there were footsteps echoing in the whole corridor.
A silhouette of a young woman slowly revealed.

Getting slightly annoyed, Ashley, a staff sergeant in her duty, came to the lab to look for her best friend Liz.
And...the leakage the most annoying because she was not an engineer.

Instead of what she was looking for, Ash discovered a long trace of slime on the floor leading to the bath room.

With strange feeling, she looked at it suspiciously.
Most likely the slime was from the leakage and Liz would be fine she thought.
However, she could not stop being worried about her friend.

Ash decided to follow the trace in order to check her friend Liz was fine. 


Hello, everyone!

As I mentioned before I've come back!

For 3 months, no play but work work work work work work work....

And still!!!!!!!

Because of my work, I cannot upload fast.

But the good news is at least I finally have got some spare time.

Really thank you for your patience!
Dark Space 6
When Elizabeth turned her head, the alien creature stood up to her eye level. Liz was in a great terror. She could not think anything about this creature which she had not seen before. Meanwhile, the creature opened its mouth. Unlike its appearance, the creauture's mouth was amazingly stretchable till Liz could saw the creature's pulsatile flesh.

It opened mouth wide which looked like a giant sucker. It reminded Liz of pseudopod of certain animals like moonsnail, catching its prey. She discerned that this alien creature was about to catch her and she was in great danger. However, it was too late for Liz to think all of these. The creature rushed to Liz all of sudden with its huge mouth.

Tightly coiled, Liz fell down on the floor. She tried to take off the creature's mouth covering her face but something a warm and moist came inside her mouth. Her resistance was futile. Soon the shower stall was filled with occasional but fading moan of a young woman and continuous slurping sound.

First page : Dark Space 1

Previous page : Dark Space 5


Hello, everyone!

I guess that we have reached around a 1/3 or 1/2 of Dark space by now.

So to speak, part 1 is finished.

However, unfortunately there is a bad news.

The next panel might be uploaded after 3 months. It is because of my new project. :-(

I hope that you won't get disappointed a lot by this...

But really thx a lot for watching, and happy new year!!
Dark Space 5
Steam filled the whole shower stall as Liz took a shower. Though this stall looked small from outside, it was actually quite huge that several people could go inside at the same time. It was Liz's favorite moment having a hot shower in this huge shower stall alone after hard working.

After shower, an attached dryer started to blow warm air to Liz. She really enjoyed this relaxing time. Unfortunately, she still did not realize what was happening around her. The 'unpleasant guest' somehow climbed up the shower stall and came in. It extended its neck and gazed at a young female drying herself. Slowly it landed on the floor and approached to her. Drooling at its mouth, the creature stopped just behind Liz and looked at her supple bottom.

All of sudden, there was a slurp sound. Liz felt a wet, and moist touch on her bum. Poor Liz finally realized something went wrong.

First page : Dark Space 1

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Previous page : Dark Space 4


I know it is a bit early to say but have a nice Christmas everyone!

Could it be a Christmas gift for you all??
Dark Space 4
Liz started to take off her clothes. First her top, and her skirt. Then she untied her red hair ring, and slowly her thong. Though there was nobody apart from her, she believed, she was very shy with her young naked body. covering her private parts, she collected all her clothes and carefully put them in her laundary basket. Liz then quickly entered the shower stall and enjoyed shower finally without any worries.

However Liz did not realized that there was another being in the shower room. The creature managed to enter the room and watched her supple body when she removed her clothes. It turned its head toward the stall where a beautiful silhouette of woman was seen with steam.

First page : Dark Space 1

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No journal entries yet.


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Dude you alive?
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Still Alive....

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I plan to go back home for a while around 3 months later.

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I will do my best to upload another one that time!

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i dont think he or she is coming back to finish the comic and if he or she does i think he or she should retire 
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;-( i will be back! I am just in a very remote place right now.... no internet, and no computer....

I am coming back to my original place for a while a month later.

I will upload another one that time.
Give it time okay
suddenattackfhm Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015
really thx a lot! :)
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